Developers: Unleash your Creativity with Microcone SDK

Microcone SDK for Software Developers

The Microcone's innovative spatial sound processing makes it a unique device for developing speech applications. With the Microcone SDK (Software Development Kit), Dev-Audio gives software developers, researchers and system integrators the tools to build this into their own applications and solutions.

The Microcone is a unique USB microphone array device that produces multiple directional audio streams together with speech activity and location information.

Dev-Audio's Microcone Recorder application represents a first example of how this enhanced audio and speech information may be harnessed to provide a simple time-saving interface for recording group meetings.

We believe that there are many more ways this unique device and rich information may be put to use in innovative group voice applications.

To encourage this, the SDK is available for free on Github for Mac OS X and Windows. The SDK contains a software library that gives developers real-time access to the Microcone's speech activity and location information.

As a starting point, the SDK also includes Xcode and Visual Studio project files and source code for a demonstration application.

Note that Microcone's multiple audio channels are available through standard audio API's, such as Core Audio on Mac OS X or ASIO on Windows. The Microcone SDK provides the interface to the additional speech activity and location data only.
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