Microcone: Designed for Groups
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Microcone: A Microphone Designed for Groups

Microcone® is an intelligent multi-channel USB microphone array perfect for group conversations, such as interviews and meetings. Microcone automatically detects and tracks individual voices in six different directions and adaptively reduces background noise, giving optimal voice quality. Outputs include a high-quality stereo mix followed by the six separate directional channels. Microcone is a small, portable device that eliminates the need to purchase and configure multiple microphones for your groups.
Compatible with Windows and Mac OS X.
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Microcone Recorder: Effortlessly Tag and Recall your Meetings

Microcone Recorder allows you to make the most of the time you spend in meetings. During the meeting, your attention is free to focus on the discussion. Afterwards, you can rapidly recall key moments. Microcone Recorder also includes integration with Dragon Speech-to-Text Conversion web-service (pay-per-use feature), to automatically annotate your meetings at the click of a button.
Now Available Free for Windows and Mac OS X.
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Microcone Voices: See Who is Talking on Skype Calls

Microcone Voices (Mac OS X, Windows) is a simple app that shows you who is talking around a Microcone when it is used on a Skype call.
Now Available Free for Windows and Mac OS X.
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Microcone Remote: Control Microcone Recorder from your iPhone.

Microcone Remote offers a simple remote control interface to record and tag meetings with Microcone Recorder on your Mac.
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