Reviewing your meeting's recordings and notes is simple thanks to Microcone's unique technology.

  • Ideal for meetings, focus groups & interviews
  • Record and playback individual voice tracks
  • Easily add notes, milestones, labels and tags
  • Quickly search, replay and edit notes
  • Skype integration, ideal for conference calls
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  • Sleek, minimalistic design. The non intrusive array microphone ensures all participants are clearly heard by recording each to their own voice track.

    No more scraps of paper. Keep notes and details from the meeting easy to find by adding them within the Microcone software.

    Simple, powerful software combined with leading meeting recording hardware will organise your audio and annotations so they are easy to recall later.

  • Each person is assigned their own track so that it is easy to identify who was speaking at any point. You can create a tag and assign notes to a point in time so there no confusion when it comes time to review the meeting minutes.

    The simple search function allows you to search your meetings easily. Search by notes, tags, participants, labels and more.

    Highlights, Meeting
    Tag meeting highlights, including important points, decisions, action items and questions.

  • The purpose designed software enables you to organise all of your meetings in a way that suits you. Ensure all of your meetings are filed in the same place by the clients name and get your meetings back on track.

    You can review recordings of the entire meeting or skip to any point in time, and listen to the group or the individual. You will easily be able to see tags and relevant notes which apply to that time in the meeting.

    Review notes according to tag options. Was there a question to revisit or a decision made? Appropriately tag a moment during the meeting for simple search and review later.

Press Coverage

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"if you need to record meetings on any sort of regular occasion then it’s absolutely indispensable"

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"The Microcone features a revolutionary technology that innovates the way multiple tracks are produced"

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"separates individual voices into its own track (up to six voice tracks) and automatically tells you where and when each person speaks"


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